Do you own a blue-collar business?

I’ll help you turn it into Blue WealthTM.

I help blue-collar business owners optimize their businesses and personal finances to transition into their vision of retirement within 10 years.


10 Tips to Maximize Blue-Collar Wealth

Tips on business monetization, financial planning, retirement
preparedness, and how to simplify work, money and life.


Have you considered when you’ll be able to retire? Who will run your business? Who will purchase your business? Is your business worth anything? What you will do to keep busy? What will your retirement cash flow look like?

Your Financial Life

Understanding your complete financial life can be complex, especially when you own a business. I’ll take you through it step-by-step asking you important questions along the way. This will help you progress through a logical financial planning process; one you’ll understand and enjoy.

Turn your blue-collar business into your retirement dream – Blue WealthTM.

Blue-Collar Business OwnerTM
Educational Video Series

Each month I’ll add educational videos about making smart decisions in your life and blue -collar business. I reflect on work, money and life. I will discuss key planning opportunities to turn your blue-collar equity into your retirement dream: business value, business transition, selling your business, defining your idea of retirement, managing wealth, understanding the nuances of wealth creation and protection and so much more.

Ok, I’m ready to talk. Let’s connect.

We understand you’re pressed for time and that speaking to a financial advisor may not be at the top of your day-to-day list. Yet here we are. You’re intrigued and I’m ready to ask, and answer, some important questions about your work, money and life.