What is Blue WealthTM?

Blue Wealth is a state of financial and life well-being for blue-collar business owners. It’s when you’ve effectively turned your blue-collar business equity into your retirement dream and/or your family legacy. It’s when your business equity and income provide the quality of life you dreamed your business would provide you and your family.

Blue Wealth is the pinnacle of your work,
money and, to some degree, your life.

  • Have you considered when you’ll be able to retire?
  • Who will run your business?
  • Who will purchase your business?
  • Is your business worth anything?
  • What you will do to keep busy?
  • What will your retirement cash flow look like?

Achieving Blue WealthTM

Blue Wealth is your 10-year plan to your ideal retirement.

Our goal at Synergy Life Financial is to help you position your business, organize your personal finances and set your life up for your vision of the ideal retirement within 10 years.

I’ll work with you to connect and leverage your work, money and life. I’ve developed a robust yet simple financial planning process (Blue Wealth Blueprint) that helps us collaborate on how to transition your business and build the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Blue Wealth Program helps:

  • Transition your career into a sellable business
  • Turn your business equity into personal capital and retirement income
  • Working together we will design your ideal retirement lifestyle.
  • Understand money behaviours that may derail you
  • Pinpoint opportunities to save more, earn more and protect more
  • Develop a Blue Wealth Blueprint and track your progress towards achieving Blue Wealth within 10 years

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10 Tips To Maximize Blue Collar Wealth

3 Tips to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

3 Tips to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

1. First rule of paying off your credit cards, stop using them! Your balances will never get paid off if you don’t take a break from them. If you are in a tough situation and are using them to help pay for your cost of living then your problem is much bigger then...

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How to STOP Working and Retire

How to STOP Working and Retire

Their are two main reasons why successful Blue-Collar Business Owners™ delay their transition into retirement. 1) They have not yet discovered how they will spend their time in a meaningful way during retirement, and 2) They aren’t sure if their assets will provide them the retirement income they will need and want. Read more.

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Blue WealthTM is your 10-year plan to your ideal retirement.

10 Tips To Maximize Blue Collar Wealth

10 Tips to Maximize
Blue-Collar Wealth

Tips on business monetization, financial planning, retirement preparedness, and how to simplify work, money and life.

Educational Video Series

Blue-Collar Business OwnerTM
Educational VIDEO Series

Each month I'll add educational videos about making smart decisions in your life and blue -collar business. I reflect on work, money and life.