Your Blue WealthTM Blueprint

Understanding your financial life starts by asking a series of simple questions then drilling down into the important details. I’ve developed a framework to help blue-collar business owners and their spouses understand a process to get from where they are today to Blue Wealth within 10 years.

The right questions help you get to the heart of what really matters to you. Without the important questions, you might get ‘sold a solution’ versus ‘informed about the possibilities’.

Your Financial Life Questions

I start with five important questions and dive deeper into each as we progress through understanding and defining your financial life.

Your Financial Life Questions

You might think the most important question I’ll ask is:
What’s your plan to exit your blue-collar business in 10 years?

In my experience, the most important question is:
What scares you about retiring from your business?

When I ask business owners, “What scares you about retiring from your business?” I often get simple one-word answers, “nothing,” “everything” or “I’m not sure”. Behind each of these brief responses are often fear, anxiety and many unknowns. This is one of the most important questions a business owner can be asked and it rarely ever gets asked. More importantly, it’s rarely answered, understood and applied to their financial plans – their Blue Wealth Financial Blueprint.

Asking this question helps blue-collar business owners truly get what working with me is really like. It’s when the begin to realize my Synergy Life approach and my Blue Wealth process address their greatest obstacles to achieving their perfect financial life and retirement. It’s when they figure out they might finally have a partner to collaborate with towards a common goal, turning their business into their retirement and legacy.

I help business owners turn their business equity into their ideal retirement within 10 years.

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Blue WealthTM is your 10-year plan to your ideal retirement.

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