I’ve found over the years that helping blue-collar business owners (BCBOs) with financial planning has been the most rewarding and enjoyable work I’ve experienced as a financial advisor. I get to expand my expertise and knowledge in running a good business, not just preparing financial plans and managing money.

Blue-collar business owners are easy to talk to and work with. They readily understand the financial planning and lifestyle risks once they’ve been properly educated and informed. More often than not BCBOs are strong business people and they understand the value of a dollar, investing in their companies, their workforce, their communities and most importantly, their family’s future.

Every month we will share real life blue-collar business owner stories within our LinkedIn Group. The concept is to help business owners learn from each other’s experiences and allowing you to connect with industry peers you might want to speak to, learn from or mentor with.

Tell me your BCBO® story for a chance to win $100 Keg gift certificate.

I’d love to hear your blue-collar business story.

  • How did you get started?
  • What were/are some of your greatest challenges?
  • What were/are some of your successes?
  • What’s your perfect financial situation and life?
  • What are three key lessons you’ve learned owning a blue-collar business?
  • What steps have you taken to systematize your business so it can run with or without you?
  • What has been your most impactful growth strategy?

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10 Tips To Maximize Blue Collar Wealth

3 Tips to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

3 Tips to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

1. First rule of paying off your credit cards, stop using them! Your balances will never get paid off if you don’t take a break from them. If you are in a tough situation and are using them to help pay for your cost of living then your problem is much bigger then...

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How to STOP Working and Retire

How to STOP Working and Retire

Their are two main reasons why successful Blue-Collar Business Owners™ delay their transition into retirement. 1) They have not yet discovered how they will spend their time in a meaningful way during retirement, and 2) They aren’t sure if their assets will provide them the retirement income they will need and want. Read more.

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Blue WealthTM is your 10-year plan to your ideal retirement.

10 Tips To Maximize Blue Collar Wealth

10 Tips to Maximize
Blue-Collar Wealth

Tips on business monetization, financial planning, retirement preparedness, and how to simplify work, money and life.

Educational Video Series

Blue-Collar Business OwnerTM
Educational VIDEO Series

Each month I'll add educational videos about making smart decisions in your life and blue -collar business. I reflect on work, money and life.